Hugh Lee, who joined
Oakland Chinese Golf
Club (OCGC) in 1960,
passed away at the age
of 86 on August 11.
Born in Seattle, WA
March 11, 1935, Hugh
was the youngest of six
children. His parents,
who were restaurant
owners, moved to Baker
City, OR where Hugh
spent his youth. In 1957,
he graduated from
Oregon State majoring in
Business Administration
and Technology. After
serving the US Army
Finance stationed in Fort
Sill, OK, he was
“honorable discharge” in
1959 and assigned to the
Army Reserve in Oakland
where he then
unknowingly, within a
decade, became a force
to be reckoned with in the
golf community.
Hugh first joined the
OCGC’s Board of
Directors in 1962 and
thereafter held office 56
times in varying roles. In
1970 as President of
OCGC, he engaged with
seven other golf clubs
founded the Federation of
Chinese Golfs Clubs
(Federation) which in
2019 renamed to
Association of
International Golf Clubs
(AIGC) to better
represent current
members. In this arena,
Hugh served 30 years as
the Secretary-Treasurer
from 1970 to 2000 where
he, “made life-long
friends and [had] one of
[the] most satisfying
experiences and
contributions in furthering
the game of golf,
Reflections 2004.
Some of Hugh’s most
memorable golf
achievements were
winning first low net at
the first Federation
Invitational in Reno,
grossing 74 at Hayward
Golf Course winning the
1984 OCGC Director’s
Cup, acing the 12
at Las Positas Golf
Course, and after 21 tries
won the OCGC Biennial
completing the Chinese
Grand Slam. A personal
achievement, somewhat
related to golf, was
meeting his wife Shirley
during the Director’s Cup
social in 1961 and in
1962 became OCGC’s
first golf wedding.
Hugh’s dedication led him
to be our Historian for the
last 20 years, author of
OCGC Reflections Forty-
Six Years” published in
2004, and the editor of
The Grass Roots until
recent. Over the years,
Hugh’s commitment did
not go unnoticed. In 2007
the Tournament of
Champions (TOC), first
hosted in 1996, was
renamed to Hugh Lee
TOC honoring his
contributions. We were so
lucky to have met Hugh
and had a chance to
share laughs and
memories all these years.
Volume 63, Issue 3
December 2021
Remembering Hugh Lee
I N S I D E T H I S I S S U E :
The Grass Roots
Association of
International Golf
has dedicated a page on
their website to honor
Hugh Lee’s Legacy,
check it out!